Please look through our menu and let one of our friendly staff members know what you would like to order.
If you would rather download our menu in PDF format, then please click the download now button below.

Prime Beef

Australian Black Angus (Marble +3)

Beef Spaghetti - 138 SR

Sliced Sirloin,   200g – 230g
( 227cal )

Lokum - 149 SR

Sliced Tenderlion,   200g – 230g
( 138cal )

Entrecote - 141 SR

Sliced rib eye,   200g – 230g
( 227cal )

Shashlik - 159 SR

Sliced tenderloin with red onion and special cream sauce,   200g – 230g
( 342cal )

Dallas - 197 SR

Rib eye steak,   450g – 500g
( 325cal )

T-Bone - 188 SR

( Sirloin & Fillet )   450g – 500g
( 246cal )

New York Steak - 169 SR

Sirloin Steak,   350g – 400g
( 116cal )

Fillet Mignon - 156 SR

Sliced tenderlion Steak , 250g – 300g
( 267cal )

Porterhouse - 229 SR

Sirloin and Fillet,   600g – 650g
( 324cal )

Tomahawk - 280 SR

A cut of beef rib eye,   1kg – 1.2kg
( 342cal )

Special Dishes

Mini Kofte - 69 SR

5 pieces beef kofte, pepper, garlic, 250g
( 196cal )

Mini Cheese Kofte - 99 SR

4 pieces kofte beef stuffed with kashlaval cheese, 200g
( 210cal )

Big Giant Cheese Kofte - 129 SR

Beef kofte stuffed with Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, 400g
( 229cal )


Served on top of pita bread

Adana Kebab - 89 SR

Beef kofte, onions, red hot pepper, tomatoes, 240g
( 177cal )

Urfa Kebab - 89 SR

Beef kofte, onions, green pepper, tomatoes, 240g
( 236cal )

Beyti Kebab - 119 SR

Beef Kofte wrapped in Turkish bread, served with butter, tomato sauce & yoghurt, 240g
( 202cal )

Shish Kebab - 129 SR

Small lamb pieces, 220g
( 342cal )

Ali Nazik Kebab - 139 SR

Ground lamb meat, eggplant, yoghurt, parsley, red pepper, tomato sauce
( 236cal )


Florya Steak Lounge takes great pride in bringing exquisitely crafted dishes to you by pushing the boundaries in presentation of steaks and Turkish cuisine.
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